love at dusk

My favorite time of year to do engagement shoots is hands down late summer. The wildflowers are growing every direction you look, the evenings are nice and cool, and to me the sound of cicadas are the equivalent of waves crashing down on the beach. 


Alexa and Jay reached out to me and had a vision of an engagement session during this lively time of year. They decided to shoot at dusk when the sun drenches everything in golden light. They told me what they had in mind, and I knew that my favorite spot at Holcomb Farm was a perfect fit for them. It's quiet, it’s intimate, and of course very beautiful. 

The two of them together were the definition of what it means to be in effortless love. I did very little directing because these two knew exactly how to position themselves, and it all felt very natural. Together we stood on the hillside and watched the sun go down until we felt the temperature drop, and I was satisfied with how the session went. I really don't think I could have had a better experience working with Alexa and Jay!